About Pinoy Artists in Korea (필리핀한국예술협회)

Pinoy Artists in Korea (필리핀한국예술협회) is composed of patriotic individuals from diverse fields and passion in arts who produce events particularly in performing arts to gather and encourage Filipinos in Korea to develop, uplift and promote the Filipino culture and arts in the land of the morning calm.


Pinoy Artists in Korea is viewing to be the first and the well-established organization who advocates Filipino talents, as well as Filipino culture and arts in the land of the morning calm. 


  • Organize events in Korea primarily to promote the Filipino culture and arts. 
  • To provide legal advises and become the messenger of Filipino artists who are in need of help of the Philippine Embassy and the Korean government. 
  • Be the linking bridge of Korean festivals, events and grants to provide opportunities for budding Filipino Artists. 
  • Gather Filipinos in Korea to train, encourage and enhance their limitless artistic capabilities. 


It all began one afternoon of June 5, 2018 during the visit of President Rodrigo Duterte in South Korea. Filipino Artists, Korean spouses and Migrant workers who happens to be the performers of the event were united to give birth of a vision; “To be the leading organization that advocates the world-class Filipino artistry in Korea”. Thus, the “Pinoy Artists in Korea” is born. 

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