Friday, November 15, 2019

First KR-PH Creators Day, A Sucess

The first ever Korea Philippines Creators Day was held on November 9, 2019. And it was a success!

Nash Ang, who is a renowned Filipino film maker in Korea, conceptualized the event. Also, bloggers were able to meet up and get to know each other. Similarly, they were able listen to speakers talk about writing and their various experiences related to Korea.

In addition, the event aims to start a network of active Filipino bloggers and video content creators. Not to mention the collaborations which may spark after. Moreover, this initiative would enhance the Philippine-Korea ties through technology.

Creators Day Speakers

Jess Rosario of Annyeong Oppa talked about properly publishing Korean content online. We all know that Annyeong Oppa is one of the most-widely followed blogs on Korean news and entertainment. Additionally, knowing how to compose and when to publish were discussed as very important aspects in writing.

Likewise, the author of the first Pinoy-Korean novel K-Pop Star and I, JP Adrian, discussed as well. He talked about his experiences regarding visa application. Also, he gave out tips on how to increase the chances of being approved for a Korean visa.

After that, Alex Chang of Wow Entertainment talked on how to be a part of a Korean entertainment company. Furthermore, he discussed similarities and differences between Filipino and Korean “teleseryes”. And also what to expect if you want to join the ranks of famous KPop idols out there.

Lastly, Nash Ang spoke on how it is to make films as a Filipino in Korea, He talked about his beginnings and how he started as a film maker. Also, the interesting stories behind his works with famous Korean artists and the film he shot, Seoul Mates. Interestingly enough, this was the first ever Filipino-Korean collaboration feature film.

Aside from the speakers, entertainment was provided by Hergie King Choi.

Equally important is the host for the event, Kyung Min Kim, who provided laughter and relevant information throughout the night.

Chingu to the World Media managed the reception and the technical aspects.

Also, special mention to Roland Flores Korean Language Training and Review Center, Inc for the venue.

Over-all, the Creators Day created a wonderful platform for future collaborations and new friendships. Here’s looking forward to the second meet-up next year, with more participants and better partnerships!

Original article by: Chingu To The World Media

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