Saturday, September 7, 2019

Announcement of KPIFF 2019 Short Film Selection

The first Philippine International Film Festival in Korea announces line up of Short Films from the open submissions. The "Short Film Selection" will be screened on September 29, 2019 (Sunday) 2:00pm-4:00pm on Arirang Cine Center, Seoul, South Korea. 

This program is a selection of short films made by Filipino and Korean filmmakers related to migration and issues of having overseas connections.

Take a peek on the 11 selected films:

1. Pas-an (Geraldo Jumawan/ Sherwin Compendio)

Lolo Aurelio goes to such lengths to help his grandson endure the pain that is consuming his young body. Will it take a miracle to ease his grandson's burden?

2. Whipped Cream Cake (Minju Hong)

An Asian daughter trying to fix the disconnection within her family.

3. Ang Pagiging Babae (Nicole Rey)

Karen, an indigenous people's and women's rights advocate, tries to navigate her role as a daughter, and her place as a woman in a tumultuous society.

4. Safety (Stephanie Metcalf)

Cora, a lively and curious young girl, is taken by Esther, her terrified and paranoid mother, to hide in a cave in order to escape an imminent war. But, as Cora will come to realise, not all wars are external.

5. How Beasts Got Hyped (Elvin Jay Macanlalay)

A documentary that centers on the daily routine of hype-beasts of Manila, which share a mutual interest for street-style fashion. It also exhibits the effects of western aestheticism, how it inspired a 'culture of aspiration' and how it became a refuge for the socially unshunned.

6. You (Frances Irish Villaflor)

The story is about a Korean named Park Dae Ho who owns a cafe in the Philippines. He accidentally meets Jess Ramirez, who suffers from stammering, but,for some reason she overcomes it when she is singing. The two become friends even if it's hard for them to communicate with each other.

7. A Blind, Mute and Deaf Family (Mark Justine Aguillon)

The Eyes, Mouth and Ears. These are the primary and essential parts of the body. Unfortunately, these were also the ones which were taken away as a right to use in this family. 

8. Portal (Hadrein Damalerio)

A young girl went to their ancestral house and accidentally enters a world of ghosts.

9. Pitaka (Chris Cahilig)

A hardworking brother receives an emotionally thoughtful gift for all his sacrifices. Based on the poem of award-winning Filipino writer Louie Jon Sanchez.

10. Between Worlds: Filipino / Australian (Matthew Victor Pastor)

Between Worlds is a diverse documentary about crazy Filipino Australian film director who will stop at nothing to see his story told! Who directs a documentary on themselves? A diverse human being on a mission to inspire and encourage those between worlds.

11. Ana Bikhayr (Hannah Ragudos)

A film made by 14 year old Hanna Ragudos is about Basha who habitually creates paper boats. She is discriminated by the society because of her religion. Even though Basha has done nothing wrong, she is constantly being bullied. Suddenly, a chance to prove herself comes into light…

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