Monday, February 18, 2019

Card Design Making Contest for Multicultural Children of South Korea

SEOUL, KOREA - In commemoration of the 70th Year Anniversary of the Philippine-Korea Bilateral Relationship, Pinoy Artists in Korea together with Seoul Global Center proudly presents “Art for Heart: A Card Design Making Contest” on March 3, 2019 1:00pm. This visual arts event for multicultural children aims to commemorate the fallen heroes and veterans during the Korean war through art delegation.

“Art for Heart” is a post-valentine event special that offers opportunities not only for Filipinos but all families of different ethnic backgrounds in South Korea to have fun and interact together with other families in a friendly environment. Pinoy Artists in Korea would like to provide a space and creative experience specifically for children of each multicultural family.

Exciting prizes will be awarded to the creative families and gifts to participating children. To register, contact Rosie Peralta at 010-2729-1737 or For sponsorship inquiries, email

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