Tuesday, August 7, 2018

"Pinoy Artists in Korea" takes oath to protect and promote the Filipino Culture and Arts in South Korea

SEOUL - Today, August 6, 2018 at the office of the ambassador to the Philippine Embassy in Seoul, an oath to protect Filipino Artists in South Korea took place. The founding members of the organization Pinoy Artists in Korea or simply known as "PAK" solemnly swore and promised in front of his excellency Hon. Raul Hernandez.

After a dialogue of the group's future plan and activities, the ambassador took the floor in reading the oath and asked the PAK officers namely, Nash Ang (Founding Director), Rosie Peralta (Executive Director), Nicky Juanite (Secretary General), Karen Malijan (Marketing Director) and Desiree Navares (Membership Director) to repeat it after him. Also present were the secretary to the Ambassador, Miss Rose Malics who congratulated and sent positive wishes for the organization's first event that will soon come this year.

At the conclusion of the ceremony Ambassador Hernandez not only congratulated the Pinoy Artists in Korea officers but blessed them with success for their future events and goals for the Filipino Artists in South Korea.

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