Monday, August 20, 2018

Pinoy Artists in Korea (PAK) now officially registered Filipino organization

On August 13, 2018,  the artistic board of the Pinoy Artist in Korea made their respectful courtesy to the Philippine Embassy of Korea and made a soulful meeting and conversation with the newly appointed Labor Attache, Madame Celeste "Maya" Valderrama

Like any normal talk and greet, the officers gave a brief introduction of themselves:
  • Ms. Desiree Navares, Membership Director a Korean spouse and a member of PINAS and FILKA organizations.
  • Ms. Karen Malijan, Marketing Director also the leader of PINAS dance group and a member of FILKA organization
  • Miss Nicky Juanite, Secretary General, who is a continuing Composition Music Student under Seoul National University, and the Philippine representative to ASEAN-ROK Centre.
  • Ms. Rosie Peralta, Executive Director who is also the president of FILKA organization.Auditor in ISK, and a Zumba Choreographer. 
  • Mr. Nash Ang, Founding Director, a well known, award-winner Filipino Film Director-Actor in South Korea, and the CEO of Pinoy Seoul.

As part of their meeting, the PAK officers also inform Madame Maya their two major upcoming events for this year and future plans and goals with promoting the Philippine Arts in South Korea, gathering inactive and active Filipino Artists, and organizing entertainers who went under or is under the E6 visa. 

Their meeting ended with a positive comment from the madame that firstly, the core officers were a beautiful combination of people, having Korean spouses who were also leaders from different communities and organizations, an art student, and a film director. She then lastly gave blessings for the success of the organization and most importantly she sent them off with a great warm advise like a mother to be prepared for the storm that is about to come and use that storm to make the organization more stronger, and be the brave leaders we are. We are ready to face you our storm! :)

We would like to Special Mention Ms. Joey Dizon for the love and support we keep receiving from her.

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